My Personal Story


Motherhood isn't always how it's portrayed in the media. My expectations of entering motherhood did not go as expected. 

I am a mom to a beautiful and loving little girl named Isabella. When my daughter was six months old, I was told Isabella would have special needs. It was hard for my husband and I to accept the fact that our little girl would have to encounter several medical appointments (physical therapy, occupational therapy, neurology, genetics, and ophthalmology), undergo eye surgery and have to be placed on a gluten-free diet. Isabella has hypotonia (low muscle tone) and her diagnosis is Specified Delayed in Gross Motor Skills, which puts her at risk for delays in sitting and walking. This had an effect on my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. As a result, I had developed symptoms of anxiety. I worried daily about Isabella's health. I couldn't sleep and had a poor appetite. I experienced negative thoughts about worst-case scenarios, crying spells, and OCD behaviors because I couldn't control what was happening to my little girl. I felt alone, confused, sad, and overwhelmed. However, with help, support (family, friends, and church family), educational resources, and self-care activities (e.g., yoga, dance, meditation, and eating healthy), I overcame symptoms of postpartum anxiety and OCD. This personal journey has led me to develop a passion for Maternal Mental Health. As a result, I believe us moms need to stick together and help each other through the transition into motherhood. God Bless! 

Isabella with her physical therapist learning how to stand.